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Tap-N-It Draught Beer System Installation, Maintenance & Repair

The service techs at Tap-N-It Draught Beer Systems have a servicing beer systems for almost a decade. Each technician is friendly and we are always on call 24/7 for emergency service. 

We are committed to highest level of of Commercial & Residential Draft Beer installation, repair & maintenance. We understand the importance of reliable, High quality & cost effective equipment and service. From Beginning to end chains or private establishments always receive the highest level of customer service.


Beer TAP & Draft Systems | Installation

Restaurant owners and craft beer enthusiasts turn to our company for top-of-the-line draft beer system installation. We specialize in repairs, installations, maintenance, and parts replacement for all types of commercial & residential beer systems. Cost of installation depends on the kind of service & equipment you are getting.

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Fast Turnaround

Turnaround time depends on the amount of work needed to install the beer system at your location. Installations from front to back usually take anywhere from a few hours to couple of days depending on the size of the project and distance between kegs & tap.

Customized Design

Call us, and we go out to your location to do field measurements and see what kind of beer towers best suit your needs. Every project is custom quote and custom designed to make your system fit in perfect.

Look & Feel

From basic stainless beer towers to hipster-looking ones, we've got you covered. We keep on top of the current trends in craft beer and draft beer systems to offer you the best and most advanced & reliable equipment in the market.


For years, we have been helping restaurants and bars keep the cost of dispensing beer as low as possible. This means more profit for you. Lost or wasted beer means lost money for your business. A system that constantly breaks down means frustrated clients and less money in your pocket.

Certified Staff

You are in good hands with our skilled certified technicians. All of our staff is well trained and quite experienced when it comes to draft beer systems. We offer nothing but the top quality service for our customers.


Fine-tune your beer systems with our routine maintenance services. Less break downs means more beer to drink or sell.

Maintenance checks include glycol chiller, a refrigeration unit that keeps the beer lines cold from point A to B, the tap/source of despensing beer and everthing inbetween. Our goal is to make sure everything runs as smooth and consistent as possible.



After inspecting the glycol chiller, we go to the bartender's side in the bar area. We inspect the beer towers, faucets, and lines coming out of the tower to check for air leaks and beer leaks (also saturated trunk lines and beer flies). We make sure glycol solutions is at the right level and has not broken down to ensure proper refrigeration of system. Then we proceed to check and make sure the air, keg, and faucet are set at the right temperature and pressure.


Cleaning the condenser on the unit is also part of our maintenance services. We also offer Fob cleaning services, Tavern head cleaning and cleaning services for type of beer or wine lines. A well taken care of system is going to last years longer than one that has been neglected.


Trust our technicians to tell you outright when something needs to be repaired. After the inspection, we give you a copy of our check off list, which indicates the repairs and upgrades that need to be done. We have all the parts and equipment on our truck, we can do the repairs or replacement on the spot. We can order any part necessary for any repair.

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